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How to choose a gift for cannabis lover?

As the availability of cannabis is increasing, more people are now smoking cannabis. Recreational cannabis can be addictive. If you want to buy a gift for cannabis lover, then you should choose something that will enhance the person’s cannabis smoking experience. Here are some ideas for you.

Cannabis seeds

If someone loves cannabis he or she would be willing to grow it themselves as well. Nowadays, many people are growing cannabis indoors. So, cannabis seeds can be a perfect gift for a cannabis smoker.

Bongs and vapes

These are apparatus that are used to smoke cannabis. You will find very nice bongs and vapes on the market today. Good vapes and bongs will enhance the smoking experience.


There is some specific food that goes well with cannabis. You will find cannabis cookbook on the market. The books include wonderful recipes for food that will improve the experience of smoking cannabis.

Carrying bag

There are bags that can store all the things needed to smoke cannabis. You can store the jars, pipes, vaporizers, etc. These bags will be very handy when you travel.

Bud sampler

If you can get various samples of bud and put them in a container creating a sampler pack. This way the person will be able to try out the different samples and choose whichever he or she likes.

These are unique gift ideas for someone who smokes cannabis. You should remember that these people will love anything related to cannabis smoking. So, you can choose a gift of the things just mentioned.

4 tips for designing attractive product packaging

You might have a brilliant product to sell. But if the packaging of the product is not right, then the product won’t sell. Packaging is very important to attract customers to buy the product. Here are some package designing tips that will help you to design attractive packages for your product.


Your package should say what the product is and the name of the brand clearly. Customers should be able to know about the product and the brand within a few seconds, instead of spending a long time reading about it.

Research competitors

You should look at the packaging of the products your competitors are selling. You should try to create packages that are different from your competitors and more attractive. If your package is better than your competitor’s then customers will be willing to buy your products.


The font should be attractive and easy to read. The customers should be able to read what’s in the package comfortably, without any difficulty.


The package should be functional; that is, easy to use. The customer shouldn’t struggle to open the package. For example, if the cap of a juice bottle is difficult to open then the customer won’t buy it next time. Also, the shape of the package must be appropriate.

The design of a product package is very important. It affects the sale of a product directly. So, the packaging must be done carefully in order to boost the sell.

Photo Courtesy of https://www.papermart.com/information%20pages/paper-mart-packaging.aspx