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If you want to learn about new things then there is no better alternative to reading books. If you want to know more about design, you can read various books on design. Here are some of the books that you might find helpful.


By – Michael Michalko

Here, you will learn about various design disciplines. Whether you are looking for industrial design or graphics design, you will find everything here. It’s a book that’s suitable for everyone to read, whether you are a design student or just an ordinary reader.

The Design of Everyday Things

By – Don Norman

If the design of things is good, it will be more useful. For example, if the power button of a phone is hidden then it will be difficult for a user to find the button. The design of the phone should be such that it can be used easily. This book talks about the design of our everything products. You will know why the design of certain products are outstanding and why others fail to satisfy the customers.

Elements of Style: Designing a Home & a Life

By – Erin Gates

This is a very colorful book on home design. You will get lots of inspiration and ideas from this book in designing your home. The author shares her experience of home designing with the readers. You will also know about the mistakes people often make in designing home and how to avoid them.

These books will help you to think more creatively about designing things around you. These books have received very positive reviews and you will enjoy reading these books.