Obama Wants the Government to Help Develop AI

President Barack Obama sees the government playing a role in the development of AI. But not too big a role. In an interview with WIRED Editor-in-Chief Scott Dadich and MIT Media Lab director Joi Ito, President Obama said the government should facilitate a range of […]

Twitter’s Woes Signal the End of the Social Wars

Then One/WIRED Two buzzwords define the past decade of computing: mobile and social. Those days are coming to an end. Although smartphones and social media remain as important as ever, the war to control those platforms are over. Winners are being coronated as the losers […]

New Data Caps Provide Another Reason to Hate Comcast

Getty Images The days of unlimited Internet end November 1. That’s when Comcast, the nation’s largest broadband Internet provider, starts imposing a monthly data limit of 1 terabyte on subscribers nationwide. The company started testing this plan in a few cities earlier this year, and […]

Google Fiber Eyes A Bigger Chunk of The Airwaves

Getty Images Google Fiber wants a better way of beaming the Internet into apartment buildings. On Friday, the company filed a document with the Federal Communications Commission arguing that the agency should ease access to a chunk of wireless spectrum that could serve the ambitions […]

The Internet Finally Belongs to Everyone

Getty Images The United States no longer controls the address book for the Internet. On Saturday, the US government handed the last vestiges of control to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, an independent organization whose members include myriad governments and […]

Salesforce Buying Twitter Would Make Perfect Sense

Christie Hemm Klok/WIRED If you’re wondering why on Earth Salesforce might want to buy Twitter, Vala Afshar, the enterprise company’s “chief digital evangelist,” has a few reasons. Why @twitter? 1 personal learning network 2 the best realtime, context rich news 3 democratize intelligence 4 great […]