Now Google AI Can Help You Plan a Vacation

Google Vacations are supposed to reduce stress, not create it. But that’s not always the case. Just planning a vacation can be pretty darn stressful. Now, Google wants to remove all those vacation anxieties–or at least some of them. Today, the company launched Google Trips, […]

Need Some AI? Yeah, There’s a Marketplace for That

Algorithmia Diego Oppenheimer is worried that the Googles and the Facebooks will dominate the world of artificial intelligence. It’s a legitimate worry. Elon Musk and Sam Altman are worried about the same thing. That’s why they created a startup called OpenAI. In recent years, Google […]

Why Can’t Twitter Do What Instagram Just Did?

Instagram now offers a tool that automatically blocks comments if they include certain abusive words. It’s a wonderfully simple way of dealing with the harassment and the other nastiness that plagues so many of today’s online social networks, including the photo-happy, Facebook-owned Instagram. And it […]

The Death of Project Ara Shows Google Is All Grown Up

Google Project Ara may be no more. As Reuters reported last week, Google has suspended–and possibly killed–its plan to make a modular smartphone with interchangeable components. The move is curious–especially considering that in May at its annual I/O conference, the company restarted its Ara hype […]

Facebook Wants Its Advertisers To Be Better on Mobile

Facebook is forcing advertisers to improve their websites. This is a shameless way for Facebook to serve itself–and thank goodness it’s happening. As Facebook announced this week, if an advertiser’s website is slow, its ads won’t show up as frequently on the world’s most popular […]

Twitter Shares Revenue With Video Makers

Twitter wants people making more videos for its social networking service. So, it’s turning to a time-honored means of encouragement: money. Twitter is now sharing ad revenue with video creators on its service, the company said in a blog post today. The split is reportedly […]