We Must Remake Society in the Coming Age of AI: Obama

Artificial intelligence can bring enormous prosperity and opportunity. President Obama knows that. But in an interview with WIRED Editor-in-Chief Scott Dadich and MIT Media Lab director Joi Ito, the president also worries that AI could suppress wages, eliminate jobs, and create new inequalities. As we […]

Facebook Workplace Tries to Muscle In on Your Job

One in four people on Earth use Facebook to connect with friends and family. But Mark Zuckerberg and company really want all those people to use the social network for office chatter, too. This morning, at an event in London, the company formally released Facebook […]

Clarifai Wants You to Correct AI’s Biggest Gaffes

Getty Images Artificial intelligence can do remarkable things, like recognize faces on social networks, instantly translate speech from one language to another, and identify commands barked into a smartphone. But it also can do stupid things, like label an African-American couple “gorillas.” The artificial intelligence […]

Facebook Marketplace Wants to Be Your New Craigslist

Facebook Facebook has launched Marketplace, a centralized hub where its 1.71 billion monthly users can buy and sell their stuff online within local communities. Yes, people have already been using Facebook for this for a long time. But Marketplace formalizes that casual function–and signals just […]

Government Requests For Twitter Info Keep Growing

Christie Hemm Klok/WIRED Twitter is receiving an increasing number of government requests for data involving user accounts. Today, the company released its latest transparency report, which aims to help consumers better understand tweet removal requests and copyright notices as well as government information requests. With […]