1. Hillary can have her “app”, she’s probably more entertaining that way. I’d rather live in reality with Donald Trump and the excitement of his movement. Much more healthy.

  2. On election day all her idiot supporters will be playing ‘PokeHillary Go’ and forget to vote.

  3. That’s only unlocked in the paid version.

  4. Hey Wired, if you want a REAL story why not talk about the censorship going on at Apple’s little app store, among others. I think it’s more interesting that if you come out with an Anti-Hillary app you’re taken off the site but if its anti-Trump, it’s all good. This kind of censorship and bias is extremely dangerous. This is a much bigger story but did Wired cover it? What do you think? Google “Hide it Hillary” to learn more.

  5. Ringo'sReckoning

    Sarcasm at it’s best!



  7. wired ragazine (Sauerberg) employs Hillary-cheerleader? imagine my shock

  8. Does the app teach you how to commit a crime and get away with it? Hillary knows exactly how to do that.

  9. Mike Pressley

    Who needs a freaking app for this? God I swear half the people in this country have lost what little mind they had to begin with.

  10. Give up privacy and security to blindly follow a politician/party? What could go wrong?

  11. And yet the polls are closing in on Hillary. Why? Simple. Trump is bad, as bad as what anyone says he is and further more, we already KNOW that Trump is bad. So repeating the things people already know gives you a diminishing return on your (corporate donor’s) money.

    If Hillary is wise, she should concentrate on how excellent she is, like her trustworthiness.

  12. Chic Kirchner

    Hillary’s great app is what you talk about when your opponent has taken over the issues of preserving the culture of the greatest nation on earth, creating and bringing back good jobs, restoring the blighted inner city areas, fixing the staggering minority youth unemployment. making inner cities safe from drugs and violence, providing quality educations for poverty stricken communities, preventing islamic terrorism attacks at home and providing safe havens for refuges in their own lands and creating good working relations with competing foreign powers.

  13. You can see on videos that Hillary Clinton has developed an eye problem in which her left eyeball, at times, turns in dramatically toward her nose. The right eye remains straight. This is far beyond a “lazy” eye.
    This is a sign of other serious health issues which are very likely neurological.
    Search “Hillary’s eyes” on You Tube for conformation.

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