Businessman with unfair advantage at starting line on race track


  1. My point was that “personal fast lanes” are less desireable than “personal zero rated” sites, and basic access control on cellular.
    The personal fast lane idea matters very little in real world use. Most people only saturate there bandwidth when they are downloading something, or watching videos, unless they have cheap slow internet.

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  3. You have entirely missed the point of this discussion. Try reading it again.

  4. The really weird thing about this is ISP’s already do this across their internal networks (its called a MPLS network). They use DSCP tags (which are how you tag traffic on a layer 3 network for prioritization into traffic queues). The challenge up till now has been that you often cross 3-4 networks to get somewhere, and brokering to keep that tag intact (and prioritize it end toe end) was the hard part…

  5. ISPs cannot be trusted on that. And it is foolish to think they would priorize whoever paid most. They would actually “offer” a slow lane with random packet drops, instead of syncing at a lower speed. This makes user experience so painful people would pay for a premium fast lane (it usually happens on cell phones when reaching the fair use quota). People would not leave for another ISP because all ISP would all do the same.

    The “premium speed” is going to be the same as the current internet usage. Users are only going to pay more and get the same, ultimately internet is best effort.

    Net neutrality NEEDS to stay. Not just for the speed differential reason, but for the tools needed to discriminate traffic. Discriminating traffic means your ISP can see your data. You do not want that.

  6. TemporaryUser

    The reason we need net neutrality is because we cannot trust ISPs.
    If we let them set up fast lanes however they wanted, then they wouldn’t just prioritize whatever needs it, they would prioritize whoever paid them the most money.
    Now, a law that forced them to categorize their traffic and let them prioritize categories MIGHT work but, being evil, the ISPs would probably just find a loophole in the law and then screw everyone over anyway.
    Net neutrality might not be the best system, but it is the best one for the people right now.

  7. Most people just want a basic firewall on there phone, so they can allow specific apps on mobile, wifi only, or not at all. That means the end user is in control, not the service provider or the ad companies.

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