1. Aliciadjones1

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  2. Gary Garyson

    Well, we already know Hillary is going to exploit her charity to the highest bidder. As for Trump, he’s literally a wild card. There’s no telling what he actually wants. Whatever it is, it will surely benefit him in the end one way or another.

  3. If he actually stuck to some particular policies, I guess the whole show would come crashing down.

  4. Hillary can’t even use a computer, let alone Twitter.

  5. Admiral Bruix would be proud of you both

  6. Tony Pepperoni

    Make Godwin proud!

  7. Tony Pepperoni

    They both just say what they think people want to hear, the question is what will they do since their words are meaningless.

  8. Flavio Gomes

    America doesn’t deserve 3 Bush and 1 Donald Trump!

  9. Hold on Wired – you just now figured that out? It took you more than a year to realize that Trump is nothing more than an Internet troll?

  10. Good point– the “professional wrestling show” atmosphere of this year’s political main event should make the press money.
    But you must remember this email story:

  11. would think that at this point even the media is tired of covering this clown

    as much as I love the USA, it has clearly become a sad, stupid place

    : (

  12. If that was true she would have shut down Fox news and Breitbart. Hillary actually has a pretty bad relationship with the media mostly because she is incredibly boring. The media like Trump a lot more: he is entertaining and makes them money.

  13. Goebbels “…gained and exerted controlling supervision over the news media, arts, and information in Germany.”

  14. In what way specifically?

  15. Hillary’s campaign is an homage to Joseph Goebbels

  16. an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing

  17. It’s a tough one, vote for a guy who is all over the place or a woman who lies about everything every day.

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